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Darcy's gallery is divided into two main rooms - one for her Functional Pottery, and one for her raku and other decorative pieces, such as humpback whales, hand painted orcas, maple leaves, candle holders and ikebanas. Use the links to the left to visit all of the gallery "rooms".

All of Darcy's pieces are unique, because due to the unpredictable nature of glazes and the raku firing technique, each piece will be custom created and may not be exactly as shown.

Raku is an ancient type of Japanese firing dating back to the 16th century. Beautiful iridescent blues, violets, copper and crackle glazes are produced on either wheel thrown or sculptural pottery. The pottery is fired to 1800° and then "reduced" in a chamber which catches fire immediately. The fire uses up all the oxygen in both glaze and chamber, thus producing one of a kind results.

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